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Rise Of Smartwatches And How It Affects The Watch Market

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Globally, there was a 20% increase in demand for smartwatches despite the economic challenges of COVID-19. While there was a decline in the shipment of smartphones, smartwatches saw a rise in their cargo, mainly due to rising popularity. Smartwatches were only a couple of years back mere fitness trackers with limited features but have developed into some of the high-demand and promising devices. With expanding features and capabilities, you can now make calls, track fitness activities, respond to a text, get notifications, listen to music, make contactless payments and use the in-built GPS. The possibilities are endless.

Are Smartwatches Replacing Smartphones?

While smartwatches depend on smartphones for some of their capabilities due to pair capacity, functioning as a part of an interconnected system, the limitless innovation of smartwatch technology is breaking the pair system barrier by integrating autonomous power within smartwatches. There are great opportunities in the Smartwatch industry. Most brands and companies can gather information about their employees using intelligent wearables. It could also serve as a convenient labor companion, especially outside the office. For instance, field technicians can wear smartwatches instead of carrying big tablets everywhere.

Reasons Smartwatches are Gaining Edges over Smartphones

  • Quick Access – Smartwatches are always on the wrist. It means that they are straightforward and quick to access compared to phones in the pocket or bag. And since the watches are on the wrist, accessing social media, emails, apps, accounts is also very easy.
  • Safety – The chances of losing your smartwatch are highly minimal since they are stuck to the writs compared with smartphones which could quickly drop or are mainly prone to risks.
  • Better insights, more data – When you need actionable data, you better turn to your smartwatches, making innovative learning very easy. It means that you can quickly identify areas you need improvement. It provides opportunities for more personal insights since your smartwatches now have more information about you than yourself and could act as a better productive companion.
  • Health monitoring – Bolstered by the health challenges posed by the coronavirus, smartwatches provide accurate but general information about your health and could serve as a suitable health monitoring device. Smartwatches can help track your steps, workouts, sleep patterns, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rates, etc. Even the advanced fitness watches provide advanced REM monitoring, blood oxygen saturation, and stress level measurements.
  • Get your hands free – Smart Watches provide an option to free your hands and eyes. For instance, an Apple Watch can guide you using buzz vibrations either to the right or left. In this way, you only need to follow the direction of buzz rather than staring.

The Future Of Smartwatches

The demands for smartwatches are rising, which significantly affects the market. The smartphone industry will have to innovate the smartwatch giants with limitless technological advancements that will oust it from the market. Yet, they must cross a significant hurdle before the smartwatch giants can heave a sigh of relief. The short battery life of smartwatches is still an enormous challenge. Even the best smartwatch in the market, the Apple Watch Series 5, only lasts 18 hours on a single charge. There are high chances smartwatches will soon integrate most of the features in the phones, making them better and convenient accessories. It is not clear if both smartwatch and smartphone will co-exist or one will oust the other, or perhaps there will be an invention that will compete with the two. Besides, the advancements in AR, especially smart eyewear, are yet unexplored.

One thing is sure; smartphones will need to innovate more or, by the time most of their features are integrated into the smartwatches, they may go into oblivion. It is not clear the direction of the trends, but as it stands, there is a rising demand for smartwatches. But, the market share is in the hands of intelligent devices that can translate critical features and capabilities into easy and convenient products. One thing is sure: smartwatches have brought fresh ways of enhancing personal and professional lives that could also be beneficial to every individual and organization.

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