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The Most Expensive G-Shock Watches

The Most Expensive G-Shock Watches Blog

G-Shock is a line of watches built to resist mechanical stress, vibration, and shock. G-shock means gravitational shock manufactured by the Japanese electronics company Casio. G-Shock watches is reputed for durability and lasting for generations. They are expensive because of their features, mainly the DLC coating and the titanium case. Key features of the watches include Bluetooth connectivity, navigating compass, built-in altimeter, and world timer accurate to 1 – 2 seconds a month. G-Shock watches lasts and has a reputation for being indestructible. It offers 100% resistance, 10-year battery life, and could withstand a 10m drop, which is an approximately three-story building. If you need a survival kit, get a G-Shock for timely information anywhere, anytime. It’s sports-proof and can withstand the onslaught of sand, dust, and water particles.

What Are Some Of The Most Expensive G-Shock Watches?


1. GSR-H1000

The GSR-H1000 is best for running, swimming, military, and Army or Police. Professional or amateur runners can also use this. It is perfect for pace, speed, heart rate, distance measurements. With the MIP LCD features, it can display vita running information. It supports phone apps. Key features include Optical Heart Rate Monitor, CMT-S20R-AS Motion Sensor, Runmetrix Smartphone App, Running Data, and MIP LCD.

2. GWN-1000

The Gulfmaster product line is designed for the oceans and the sea. These watches have exceptional storm and sensor alarm functions for sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. It’s perfect for decision-making in uncertain conditions. The watch features Barometer, Altimeter, Moon data, a Digital compass, Thermometer, Tough Solar, Tough movement, 200-meter water resistance, a Radio-controlled Watch, a Multiband 6, Smart Access, and Tide graph.

3. GWG-1000

The GWG-1000 is perfectly designed for the big wrists, the military, the Army, and the Police. The Mudmaster product line is built with great strength and functionality to survive extreme conditions. It features mud-resisting multiple gaskets on pipes which prevent mud from getting into the watch even when you are trapped in sludge or dirt. The lines shield the button from impact and enhance its operation. It has a digital compass, 200-meter water resistance, Mud Resistant, thermometer, barometer, Altimeter, Resistant, Tough Solar, Radio-controlled watch, and it also comes with Tough Movement, Multiband 6, and Smart Access.

4. GWF-D1000

The GWF-D1000 is designed for big wrists, and it’s reputable to help you survive the most challenging situation. Perfectly equipped rugged watch, the GWF-D1000 features ISO 200 meters Water Resistance, Tough Solar, Radio-controlled Watch, Multiband 6, Digital compass, Thermometer, Barometer, Altimeter, Diving Mode, Ascent rate alarm, Moon data, Tide graph, and Depth meter.

5. GWR-B1000

The GWR-B1000 features the Gravitymaster product line. It’s perfect for travel, pilots, and formal wear. It was built to respond to the needs of pilots and designed to offer enhanced accuracy, practicality, and durability. The GWR-B1000 features a unique aviation design and advanced technologies. It features 200-meter water resistance, TRIPLE G RESIST, Carbon Monocoque Case, Mobile link, Radio-controlled Watch; Multi band 6, Tough Solar and Rust-resistant structure.

6. MTG-B1000

The Metal Twisted (MTG) G-Shock features a new core guard structure that helps to absorb shock with the exterior. It also comes with an inner case built into a box-shaped frame formed by screws that safely connect the band connection pieces, point back, and the bezel. The MTG watches are a premium line of products featuring the best technology, super functions, and best quality material. Some of these features include Core Guard Structure, Radio-controlled Watch, Multiband 6, Triple G Resist, 200-meter water resistance, Mobile link, Smart Access, G-SHOCK Connected App, and Tough Solar.

7. GSW-H1000

The GSW-H1000 is designed for military, swimming, running, Army, and police use and for teenagers. It comes equipped with health and fitness support functions, including a 3-axis accelerometer that helps you keep count. It features a calorie-use counter, memory for up to 200 lap records, and 20 timer combinations of five timers each. It is also ideal for interval training for gym and running activities.

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