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Started in Florence in 1860, the brand is named after its founder, Giovanni Panerai, an Italian watchmaker who has relished so great a fortune. The brand has a strong reputation for artistry and dominant style, especially its reliable movements and unconventionally shaped cases. With the rising investment in the watch product lines, it is only wise to consider if Panerai retains value.

Patent History

Starting as the city’s first watchmaking school, Panerai patented the brand’s creation, Radiomir, a radium-based luminescent powder integrated into its timepiece in 1916. The Italian navy used Panerai watches as a timekeeping device. In 1949, a new patented device, Luminor, featuring a cushion case, flatter bezel, and iconic crown protector, replaced the Radiomir. Afterward, the brand introduced the sandwich dial concept, which integrates a base layer with a luminescent substance with a finished top layer that cut out indexes and numerals to show a luminous coating. In 1997, the Vendome Group purchased Panerai and launched the Luminor and Luminor Marina in the international market. After eight years, the brand introduced its first in-house movement, the self-winding P.2002, eight-day power reserve with GMT function.

Cult Status

Panerai’s contract with the Italian navy ended at the end of the Second World War, forcing the brand to expand into the public domain. Unfortunately, its military timepieces were not in vogue. Still, when Sylvester Stallone posed with one of its imposing watches, the brand became popular particularly, and the brand began to design timepieces for the public. The limelight was further extended when Arnold Swarzenegger started wearing the brand’s watches in movies. The brand maintains its focus on making great watches and started conventions and get-together rights around the globe, together with trading networks and websites. It further increased the value of the brand models, especially as an excellent investment option, considering its engaged and long-standing fanbase. However, the value of the brand’s collections depends on the passion of its collector fanbase and the brand strategy.


The larger-than-life design of the brand’s model makes it retain its value that thrills fans. The feature of the classic dial was one of its innovations that captures a large demographic and pushes the brand to a famous investment option. One striking feature of the timepieces is that they are easily spotted far off, making them stand out from the crowd. Various fan groups particularly loved its busy and plain dials. The simple nature and military background of the brand’s models give the models a rugged feature that is not common with other competing luxury brands. Panerai’s watches, bold and uncompromising, will make you appear as if you were wearing a military instrument.


The appearance of the watches is the first striking feature you will observe, and coupled with that; it is the apparent quality of the timepieces. Even the brand’s models without the in-house movement still retain their quality, mainly because they are modified and finished to a high level of sophistication. Panerai is among the luxury brands with a strong reputation for setting new trends and making waves. The brand is at the forefront of making significant watch cases and innovating the swap straps. Most of its models are sold with extra straps and the needed tool for swapping. It allows users to customize their watches to express themselves in unique ways that are not common with other brands. There are available assortments of straps from the brand, one feature that makes it recognizable. Panerai is a brand that blends Italian design, passion for the sea, and Swiss technology. Originally started as sales and repair of watches and finally into the watchmaking industry, Panerai is a brand to reckon with larger-than-life appearances that truly captivate users.

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