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Certain wristwatch brands feature exorbitant prices with commensurate implied value, but spending an enormous sum on entry-level luxury-brand models calls for questions on the product’s value. As far as luxury-level watches are concerned, Longines is a brand to reckon with, mainly because of its affordable luxury models. Thus, one wonders if such items possess the accorded value.

History Of Longines

Dating back to 1832, Longines is one of the oldest watchmakers. Founded by Auguste Agassiz and his partners Florian Morel and Henri Raiguel, Agassiz managed the brand when the partners left the company in 1846. Until 1867, the firm set up its factory in South St. Imier region Les Longines. In 1867, the brand fashioned an in-house movement, known as the 20A, which won an award at the Paris Universal Exhibition for its innovative design. In the latter part of the 1800s, Longines started producing monopusher chronographs, which became synonymous with jumping events and horse racing timekeeping. The Longines trademark with its winged logo to counter counterfeit production came into existence. Making waves in the aviation watch industry, Longines partnered with P.V.H. Weems, a USN Officer and professional navigator, to engineer a 47-millimeter pilot watch in 1920. In the same vein, the brand also partnered with Charles Lindbergh to manufacture the Hour Angle aviation watch, which came with many variations, including subsequent military inspired-watches. ASUAG bought the Longines brand in 1971 and merged the brand with SSIH to create the Société Suisse de Microélectronique et d’Horlogerie (or SMH) which became Swatch Group in 1988. The brand is reputed for sponsoring archery, tennis, skiing, and horse riding events.


Longines is a Swiss-made mechanical and quartz timepiece backed with a two-year warranty. Its caliber/mechanical movements were assembled in Switzerland. The brand typically uses ETA or the ébauche movement; ETA is owned by Swatch Group, which acquired Longines in the past. Most Longines watches are COSC-certified and feature certified prestigious chronometer designation. The brand’s timepieces offer high precision and accuracy of COSC Chronometer, exemplified in the Record collection.

Do Longines Watches Hold Value?

Longines produces many 100% water-resistant watches, which could be mechanical, manual wind, and battery-powered timepieces. Most of its models are 18kt rose gold or 18kt yellow gold, and the gold models cost at least $2500; the models with PVD coating or gold-plated models cost less. Longines watches could quickly sell at $9000 in the pre-owned market, and there is no doubt their higher-end pieces offer excellent value. That the brand’s models hold value does not hold water. Most watches depreciate once they leave the store, except in rare cases, as with Rolex timepieces.

Should I Buy Longines Watches?

Longines have existed for about 200 years, and to consider if one should invest in them, we need to consider their value, price point, and other factors. The fact is that the ratio of the luxury brand, price of its models, and weight is ideal. And because they are priced alongside other watches, one will be tempted to argue that the quartz watches are priced high. Longines does a great job of ensuring its watches are accurate and feature quality materials. Its brands feature an extensive catalog of both luxury and other clocks. Its heritage line comes with 26 different styles and color variations. The Classic, Sports, Watchmaking Tradition all come with limitless options. While Longines is an acclaimed luxury watch brand, it stays off the competition with Rolex, Omega, and Patek and settles into the affordable luxury market. The brand staged a comeback with its Heritage line of products, which listen to designs from the 1920s to 1940s. And with a modern reissue, the brand puts a spotlight on its great ancient techniques. Despite having one of the oldest designs, it suffers from poor brand recognition compared to Omega and Rolex. The brand rarely resonates with key watch users except for tennis and horse racing enthusiasts.

Finally, whether Longines is a brand to reckon with is settled in the minor points above. Longines uses high-end material and has excellent attention to detail. The brand comes with a massive product line, making it easy for anyone to find a suitable model. Whether you need old-school Marine Nationale or HydroConquest for Swiss divers, Longines has an option for everyone.

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