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Avi-8 Watchmaker Reviews

Avi-8 Watchmaker Reviews Blog

The Avi-8 Watchmaker brand sets out to honor airmen as its models help users move faster, safer, and higher. No wonder the brand name, which reads “aviate, “focuses on aircraft and pilot watches to pay tribute to aviation. Dartmouth Brands founded Avi-8 as a watch and accessories maker in 2000. The initial intent of the brand was to “capture the spirit of aviation.” The success of its first collection gave way for a focus on military aircraft, which became a success with the help of the Royal Air Force. I must note that AVI-8 is a somewhat new micro-brand watchmaker that celebrates both machine and man, infusing vintage and modern elements, offering rugged and everyday styled timepieces. One of the brand’s strong points is its price – its watches are comparatively affordable. With limited online information on the manufacturing processes of AVI-8 timepieces, the brand’s stainless steel watches feature the quartz movement built in Japan. Analysis of customers’ experiences and unconfirmed reports revealed that they outsourced assembly of AVI-8 watches to the APAC region.

Are AVI-8 Watches Worth The Price?

While the price point is a strong brand, a key challenge often discussed among avid fans is the reliability of the hand movements. There were reports of fallen second hands and sometimes removed or loose and haphazardly swing on the face with little dramatic happening. Despite these weak points, positive reviews have graced the brand’s image. The light texturing integrated into the design, the leather-like texture, helps to keep the watch in place throughout the day. The unique look, feel, and weight offers a variety of users whose choices could be based on the aircraft-inspired well-designed watches’ size and shape. In the same vein, AVI-8 pieces provide an excellent quality experience. While the straps are great, the NATO strap may not live up to its expectations, especially if you prefer an automatic AVI-8 watch. The reason is that the level of wear characteristic of a mechanical watch is not encouraging – the strap hardly lives up to its promise.


All AVI-8 watches come with a two-year limited warranty slightly different for US and UK customers, though guaranteed to be defect-free in artistry and materials under normal circumstances. The contract is invalid in the event of wear and tear, including negligence. The warranty does not cover the lens and strap bracelet. I must also note that unauthorized repairs will void the warranty. The brand stated that if a customer purchases an automatic watch from one of its collections, such a timepiece must work for at least 8 hours per day. The clock will only wind while on the wrist during movement. Reports of the brand not responding to warranty claims on their website abound—the best way to seek attention is through the US and UK websites, depending on your location. Yet, the most important thing is using the timepiece with precaution, especially concerning the time one is supposed to use the watch per day.

AVI-8 watches are affordable for lovers of aviation-inspired watches based on price points. Entry-level watches are around $100. The high-quality models ranged from $300 to $500 depending on the water-resistance level and desired feature. Finally, if you desire aviation-inspired watches but don’t have $1000 to spend, AVI-8 watches are your best option, especially with their affordable options. Before purchasing, always ensure that you check out the review of each model to ensure that it is worth it. AVI-8 watches are durable and maintain excellent time with reliability.

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