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Should You Polish Your Watches Frequently?

Is It Bad To Polish Your Watches blog

Imagine using your expensive iconic watch for years and now desire to regulate it to factory specifications – cleaned it up and lubricated at the authorized dealer center. They will do an excellent job cleaning and polishing the case, making your watch brand new. But, there is a problem with the glow of the new watch. Polishing watches horrifies collectors. Yes, the scrapes and dings, faded bezel, warm patina, darkened lume, and all the precise lines of the original one are washed down. It calls to question: is polishing a watch worth it, or is it wrong to polish your timepiece?

Is Polishing A Watch Worth It?

Polishing a watch is divisive. While others believe it’s the right thing to do, others believe that destroying the fine lines of the original timepiece makes it lose its value. Polishing removes a thin layer of architecture and original shape, which changes the original condition. Even when the polishing is done, there will still be minimal changes. This sort of change is not suitable for luxury watches with fine details. It is critical for polishing the face, bracelet, and the case since any alteration will be irreversible.

When Should You Polish Your Watch?

Polishing is good if you prefer an all-new watch at all costs and are mindless of the collectability and long-term value of the timepiece. But, when opting for polishing, you must entrust your clock into the right hands. The reason is simple – polishing requires excellent experience, skills, and the latest equipment. Even the iconic, rare and expensive Rolex stated that in-house polishers needed a minimum of three years of apprenticeship plus five years of polishing techniques mastery. A little longer on the wheel can dig deeper than expected in the item’s integrity, compromising the quality of any part of the watch. While some people may opt for polishing, the obvious is already stated. If eventually, you choose to polish, the most important thing to do is say your preferences on polishing, specifying which part of the watch you want to be polished and the amount you want to leave untouched.

Vintage Watches: When Not To Polish

You better not start any form of polishing for anyone with vintage watches with intact factory-original specifications. Untouched luxury watches such as vintage Rolex command better value, especially vintage collectors. You may see them appear worn out to an untrained eye, but passionate collectors can stake anything to lay hands on such a vital timepiece. Most people who want to resell costly luxury watches like the Rolex models polish them, believing that such refurbishment will command a better price. The reverse is exactly the case, without regard to the service cost. Thus, much has been said about refurbishing old watches to resell them. Better leave as it is; it commands a better price with all the original factory specifications and architecture still intact. You can polish a watch, but it is practically impossible to un-polish an already polished one. If you are unsure about such refurbishment, you should leave it until you become cocksure.

How To Know If A Vintage Watch Is Polished?

If you are in the vintage watch market and wish to buy an already touched or slightly polished one, you need a bit of technical knowledge to know when a reseller is advertising fake or original. Below are some things you need to examine:

  • Verify that the lugs are thick, beveled, and have sharp edges against rounded ones. The holes on the lugs feature sharp edges. Any polished watch will have lug holes with no sharp edges.
  • If a vintage watch is over 30 years old but appears somewhat new and shiny, you must be careful as it may have been polished.
  • The presence of nicks and scratches are commendable signs a watch is not polished. Yet, it would be best to watch for dents with smooth edges since they are signs of tampered timepieces. In the same vein, uneven surfaces signify a watch has been polished.

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