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Rolex classic Cellini seems the lesser-known Rolex collection, yet it represents an impressive line of elegant dress timepieces crafted from precious metals. It features a perfect blend of aesthetics and excellent design that don’t seem to prioritize functional specifications and durability. Over the years, unlike other collections of Rolex models, Cellini has evolved, reflecting design sensibilities and fashionable trends. Thus, the Cellini collection included various designs, from ultra-modern asymmetric silhouettes with bracelets to classic slim cases, including a wide range of movements, from manual-wound, quartz, and automatic movements. While we could observe variations with activities, issues, and designs, the particular use of precious metals and high-end quality materials remains characteristic of the collection.

History Of Rolex Cellini

Rolex is known for its tool watches, filling its catalog with purpose-driven complications with different timepieces designed to serve other purposes. Previously, the concept of tool watches was foreign but had become symbolic of the brand’s timepieces, which were more practical than aesthetical. As a reminder that the brand still prides itself on elegant and slim gold timepieces with waterproof stainless steel oysters and robust watches, it ingeniously built the Cellini collection in the mid-1960s.

Features Of Rolex Cellini

With Or Without Oyster Cases

While the entire previous Rolex Cellini featured elegant, precious metal cases, the modern Cellini collections feature 18k gold, either white or Everose gold, with integrated self-winding automatic movements and leather straps. Rolex Oyster Perpetual timepieces run on perpetual movements encased in sport oyster cases. The Oyster case is a Rolex water-resistant case featuring screw-down case backs and winding crowns. The Contemporary Oyster cases boast 100 meters of water resistance up to 300 meters for models like the Submariner timepieces, 3900 meters for Deep-sea, and 1220 meters for Sea-Dweller timepieces. Cellini watches do not feature the Oyster case. The reason is simple. The Cellini collection focuses more on aesthetics than water resistance and durability and thus comes with 50 meters of water resistance.

Movement, Dial And Bracelet

Contemporary Cellini timepieces feature Rolex Perpetual movement integrated with automatic calibers characterized by a bi-directional self-winding rotor. Caliber 3132, the same direction in Oyster Perpetual 39 watches and Rolex Explorer, runs the modern time-only Cellini models. Noteworthy is that discontinued and vintage Cellini references are integrated with quartz and manual-winding movements against the self-winding Perpetual movements. The dial of Cellini watches comes with engraved “Rolex Geneve” under the crown logo. The Oyster Perpetual watch range features the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. The difference between the Oyster Perpetual and Cellini watches is the bracelet or straps each carries. The Oyster Perpetual timepieces use metal bracelets, while the latest Cellini timepieces feature leather straps. Cellini ranges include the Cellini Moonphase, Cellini Dual Time, Cellini Date, and Cellini Time.

What Is The Price Of Cellini Watches?

The actual price of time-only Rolex Cellini timepieces begins at $15200 and increases as the complications increase. 18K white gold and Everose models with the same features carry the same price tag, but increased prices apply to Cellini Dual Time, Date, and Moon Phase models. The previous generations of Cellini timepieces feature yellow gold and platinum cases, but the latest Rolex Cellini watches feature only 18kwhile gold or 18k Everose gold. You can get the clock at a retail price of more than $15k for the time-only model. The price is double for the moon phase complication. You can get the modern Cellini at a lower price in the pre-owned market. Pre-owned Cellini models offer great value on the secondary market, especially when considering high-end mechanical movements and precious metals. For instance, a miniature pre-owned 18k Cellini model goes for $2500.

Major Rolex Cellini Models

The 2021 trending Rolex Cellini models feature elegant lines and sophisticated dials which differ from flashy and avant-garde collections. Collectors may seek all-gold King Midas, but new collections also were in vogue. The contemporary Cellini remains luxurious and better suited for business and other formal occasions. They feature self-winding Rolex movements, making the latest Cellini collections irresistible. Popular classes include the Everose Ref. 50505 integrated with a time-only dial, Everose Ref. 50535 with moon phase complication, and Everose ref. 50525 with second-time zone at 6’ o’clock.

Modern Rolex Cellini Includes

Rolex unveiled in 2014 a new Cellini watch featuring guilloché dials, leather straps, and 39mm cases. The models kick off the enhanced collection line with Cellini Date, Cellini Dual Time, and Cellini Time, all integrated with 18k Everose gold or 18K white gold. The brand in 2017 rolled out the Cellini Moonphase, which was available in Everose gold. Beyond the new sizes, the collections also feature a fresh style with a double bezel that integrates fluted and smooth finishes. The guilloché dials harmonize with slender hand-applied stick indexes. The new Cellini watches feature automatic movement, while the discontinued and vintage models feature manually-wound or quartz.

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