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Rolex Day Date represents an ultimate status symbol of Rolex watches regarding its precious metals. This model has remained the desired luxury timepiece among prominent folks, including industry captains, professional athletes, celebrities, and heads of state. Its generated cult following and prestige are partly attributed to the bracelets worn by several US presidents, which earned it the title, the President. In the past six decades, the timepiece has undergone several changes. Yet, it still retains its signature design, including precious metal integration, round oyster case, and calendar windows on the dial. It remains Rolex’s most recognizable model and universal symbol of its success.

History Of Rolex Day Date

The debut of Datejust in 1945 was the brand’s flagship timepiece collection, as it has since set the date complication on the functions of a wristwatch. In 1956, Rolex launched its Day Date model as a bold step into the calendar wristwatches. The Rolex Day Date is an enhanced functionality of day complication, which is spelled each day of the week in total and displayed via the arc-shaped window at twelve. Except in stainless steel prototypes and vintage models, the Day Date watch only features precious metals and became famous for its influential and prominent personality. The timepiece is notable because of the characters, such as the 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Afterward, the Rolex Day Date watch featured the fashionable President bracelet worn by dignitaries and luminaries. The Rolex Day Date originally featured a 36mm diameter case. Still, contemporary trends favored big screens, which watch lovers felt the 36mm case of Day Date is small compared to other watches in the market. In 2008, Rolex ushered in the Day Date II, which serves the same function as the original Rolex model. While 41mm Day Date satisfied the public, some key proportions characterize the original model. As a balance, Rolex replaced Day Date II with Day Date 40 to retain classic proportions of the original model as it featured a more minor 40mm case.

Cost Of Rolex Day Date

A brand new Rolex Day Date is expensive and costs $33,150 in retail. The big 40mm case and the discontinued 41mm watch are more expensive than the classic 36mm models. Everose pink gold and white gold cost more than the conventional 18k yellow gold. The case is distinct in the pre-owned market, where the cost of a used Day Date timepiece is $10,000. The price could increase with the watch’s newness. Noteworthy is that the Rolex Day Date Ref. 128348, with the gem-integrated bezel, is sold at $46,000 while the Ref. 128238 integrated with fluted bezel and yellow gold trades at $33,000.

Features Of Rolex Day-Date

The Rolex flagship timepiece collection features three varying sizes of Day Date timepieces. Each generation of the model feature different bracelets, styles, materials, and dials.


The Day Date Rolex models offer varying editions with different doses of diamonds and precious stones, including the 18K rose gold, 950 platinum, 18k white gold, and 18 yellow gold. From 2005, Rolex 18K pink gold alloy integrated with copper, gold, and platinum while promising never to fade. In the same vein, rose gold models gave way for the Everose gold. The Tridor versions have remained unchanged, with a mix of white, yellow and pink gold on each watch. The commonest bezel found on the platinum models remains the smooth bezels, while the gold model is the fluted bezels. Since the white gold and platinum versions resemble the silver-toned models, you can pick the difference between the two by looking at the fluted bezel of the white gold and the smooth bezel of the platinum watch. Among some gold-platinum Day Date watches, you will find the Gem-set bezels integrated with the baguette-cut diamonds or the brilliant-cut diamonds.

Sizes Of Rolex Day Date

The Rolex Day Date comes in about four sizes. It includes Day Date 36 and oyster quartz with the 36mm oyster case, the 41mm Oyster case, while the Rolex Masterpiece features the 39mm Oyster case. The Day Date 40 carries the 40mm Oyster case. It is important to note that the waterproof Oyster cases come integrated with the Twinlock double waterproof system. It is besides the screw-down Twinlock winding crown with dual-sealed zones. It also features the screwed case back and other features to protect the timepiece against dust and moisture.


Rolex Day Date comes with varied dials, colors, and exotic materials, including lapis lazuli, onyx, coral, burl wood, mother-of-pearl, malachite, and meteorite. Some key Day Date lacquer dial designs were ushered in the 1970s and later assumed “Stella dials.” The Rolex President features some diamond-set dials and diamond-paved dials coupled with textured pyramid-styled, linen-styled, and Morellis finish dials. Rolex, in 2015, created striped crisscross and quadrant dials. It was followed by Day Date 36 dials with a unique concentric gradient pattern. The green and brown ombre dials come beautified with at-six-o’clock-situated baguette-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds sitting at nine. The height of the brand’s innovation is the introduction of new decorative stone dials created from pink opal or turquoise.


President bracelet is mainly associated with the Day Date watch. The bracelet features a three-link configuration with semicircular links. The President bracelet is exclusive to the Day Date timepiece except for Lady-Datejust models. Remember that Rolex has fitted the Day Date clocks with other bracelets such as the Pealmaster and the Oyster bracelets.


The entire Day Date timepieces run on self-winding chronometer movements except for some quartz-controlled Oysterquartz clocks. The Day-Day watches have enjoyed upgrades over the years, and these advancements are categorized into double quickset, non-quickset, and single quickset. Quickset means the settings of the window calendar, while the non-quickset is versions where the grounds of the day and day have to be done by the wearer. The double quickset versions were introduced in 1988, and they provide the convenience of setting the day and date through the windows independently.


Rolex brand introduced a new generation of Day Date caliber run by the perpetual Calibre 3255 movement. Certified by COSC and with 14 patents, Calibre 3255 remains the sole ingenuity of Rolex, characterized by fantastic precision, reliability, and durability. It also features a fresh Chronergy escapement and barrel architecture. The brand optimized the efficiency of the caliber with a power reserve of 70 hours compared to the earlier 48-hour power reserve. The caliber is shock-resistant and features an anti-magnetic blue para chrome hairspring designed from niobium- or zirconium-paramagnetic alloy. The Rolex Day Date is iconic in its sense, and the watch worn by US presidents speaks volumes of its worth. It is a timepiece of prestige and the brand’s symbol of success.

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