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Steps To Clean Your Rolex Watch

Steps To Clean Your Rolex Watch blog

As you wear your Rolex watch, there will be a build-up of tiny particles of dirt with the possibility of grime getting stuck to the timepiece. Such land can ruin the natural beauty and sheen of the watch and could further affect the functionality, causing the bracelet to stretch and the chronograph and bezel to malfunction. Thus, like every gadget you cherish, Rolex watches need periodic cleaning and maintenance, and these may involve washing, scrubbing, and drying. The brand recommended regular cleaning every ten years. The challenge here is that this periodic cleaning isn’t something you can do on your own. It requires some level of expertise and the use of critical tools domiciled with professional watchmakers. All we need from you is periodic cleaning of the exterior and use. Most Rolex watches come with water-resistant Oyster cases, including case backs and screw-down winding crowns that form structures hermetically within the internal movement. This tight structure protects the timepiece from dirt and moisture while adding complete details durability, and resilience to the watch. With the Oyster waterproof case, cleaning becomes easy, especially scrubbing and cleaning with soap and water.

Removing Bracelet And Cleaning the Exterior

You may take the bracelet off during cleaning, but this will depend on the extent of cleaning required. Rolex watches feature removable bracelets from their cases. Once you remove the bracelet, you can access the area with lugs on the issue and the inner surfaces of the bracelet’s end-links. To efficiently do this, you will need an ultrasonic cleaner to put the bracelet to remove the grime and dirt from difficult-to-reach places. After cleaning, wipe down your timepiece with a soft cloth to remove dirt and maintain its luster. While polishing cloths may appeal to the senses, you need to note that polishing compounds often come with abrasives which may damage the surface finish. The best way to get this done is to use soft materials with no cleaning chemicals and abrasives. A microfiber cloth within the eyeglass cleaning kit will come in handy.

Steps To Cleaning Your Rolex Watches

While you can start cleaning your Rolex watch, you must remember certain places of your cleaned piece without disassembling the watch. An exemplary case in point is underneath the bezel—clean parts during routine services.

Step One: Ensure To Screw Down The Crown

Excluding the Cellini collection, all Rolex models provide a water-resistant rating of 100 meters. Yet, you need to ensure that the winding crown is fully screwed down to ensure that it’s perfectly sealed against dirt and moisture. Before you clean, ensure the crown is fully screwed down.

Step Two: Mix Soap And Warm Water In A Full Bowl

Use warm water and soap, about a dime-size. Please, use only mild soap because soaps and cleaning solutions contain chemicals and harmful ingredients that undermine the quality and finishing of watches. If a bowl of water is not available, apply a dab of soap on the brush, work it up the lather, and run the clock under a faucet.

Step Three: Scrub With A Soft brush

Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your watch. The warm soapy water still helps to remove dirt and grime while the bristles will get to the lugs and bracelet links.

Step Four: Rinse With Fresh Water

After scrubbing the timepiece, rinse it under warm water to wash away leftover soap residue and dirt particles. Wash all the soap. While cleaning Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master, or Sea-Dweller with a rotating bezel, ensure to rotate the bezel a few times while rising to obliterate leftover dirt.

Step Five – Dry With Microfiber Cloth

The irrevocable step in cleaning your Rolex watch is drying with a microfiber cloth. Make sure that you use a clean cloth that’s free from polishing compounds since they could interfere with the integrity of the finishing.

Finally, I must add that while cleaning instructions apply to most Rolex models, clean timepieces from Cellini collections and vintage references differently.

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