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Tips To Avoid Buying Fake Watches

Tips To Avoid Buying Fake Watches Blog

One common trend in the watch industry is the sale of pre-owned watches, partly because of the long list to get specific models of some brands. At the beginning of this piece, I must note that purchasing pre-owned watches comes with a significant risk of buying a fake watch or a replica. It means that if you are not an expert, the chances of buying a fake watch are high. To buy high-quality watches, especially luxury watches, you must develop a trained eye to avoid the associated risks. You must take precautions and know what to seek and things to avoid. This guide will open your eyes and lead you to make a good watch investment while avoiding fake timepieces.

Sign To Look Out For In Fake Watches

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid in your purchasing journey is the key to preventing buying fake watches. There are several ways to spot counterfeit watches. While some are as simple as a simple sign, others may be complicated and demand trained eyes.

1. Incorrect Details, Matched Parts And Missing Figures

The first sign you need to look out for in your buying process is incorrect details, such as logos or face details. In most cases, you could also spot missing labels, wrong hour hand markings, wrong fonts or typefaces, and typos. Sometimes, you can spot mixed or matched parts. I must note a common observation that manufacturers use the wrong features of a replica. It is not uncommon since most of these firms are unsophisticated. You can watch out for the shape of hands, dials, bracelets, and colors. One critical red flag with fake watches is the poor functioning of the piece. In some other instances, the crown barely works, or it could be in the wrong spot.

2. Ridiculous Sound, Price Tag And Poor Feel

Every watch has its unique sound. Note that high-end watches have quiet sounds. It means that noisy watches could be a sign of a fake timepiece. You may also observe the poor internal structure and hence the unnecessary noise. Do your due diligence when you desire to buy primarily luxury watches. It will help if you have a habit of checking the price online or reading some reviews about the look you want to buy. You can imagine someone selling a Rolex watch for RM500. I must add that there is nothing wrong with a discount. Yet, it would help if you were smart enough to spot a deal and a huge price gap. Such a price difference is a red flag. Most, if not all, high-end, reputable watches have distinctive feels about them on the wrist. The comfort and weight are difficult to replicate. It means that you must buy from reliable and reputable brand websites or honest merchants and reliable stores. And you should be able to test the weight and feel.

Simple Strategies To Avoid Buying Fake Watches


1. Seek Associated Documents

One measure to ensure you do not buy fake watches is to ask for documents associated with the piece. It is a common trend in purchasing luxury watches. Some brands have a unique hand-signed warranty card with a horological protection seal. Such a dated document may be evidence that you are buying an original clock from the authorized dealers. Form the habit of asking for the warranty documents. You can also check the serial number unique to that timepiece and an engraving at the back of the base.

2. Check The Details

You must first check for signs that are common with fake watches and replicas. Compare the logo of the piece you wish to buy with that of the brand elsewhere. Observe the font, color, engravings, movement, and weight of the watch. Before you buy, ensure to research the model you want to buy to make sure you are not patronizing fake products.

3. Price Tag

If it is too good to be true, be sure it definitely might be the case. Most high-end brand models will fall within the same price range, and where there will be a price difference, it won’t be so marked. You need to be wary about buying expensive watches, especially luxury watches, at a cheap rate.

4. Shop From Authorized And Trusted Dealers

One sure way to avoid buying fake watches is to buy only from authorized dealers. You can also use brand websites or designated dealers for your purchases. When you buy from the brands or authorized dealers, you will get some levels of a price cut.

This guide will help you avoid buying fake watches if you abide by the strategies stipulated in this guide.

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