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Buying Watches From Authorized Dealers

Buying Watches From Authorized Dealers Blog

The only way to spend less and get the best value from your investments is to buy your watches from authorized dealers. There are official and unofficial ways of purchasing one. The official method involves buying new timepieces from authorized dealers who deal in a range of brands and a range of products from one brand. Some watch brands have official pages where anyone can buy their products directly or through third parties. The unofficial method involves buying from unauthorized dealers in the grey market. The grey market controls it by pricing policy against what obtains in the official market. There are many benefits of purchasing from the official outlets. This article details some fundamental reasons you should buy from authorized dealers in the grey market.

1. Extended Warranties

Warranties seem the only benefit of paying the total price for a watch from the authorized dealers. At the same time, security varies from state, cities, and countries with some conditions attached. You can enjoy 1 – 3 years of warranty when you buy from authorized dealers and brand boutiques—receiving guarantees for as long as five years is uncommon with high-end brand boutiques. These warranties cover major defects or movements. However, depending on your relationship with the retailer, warranties could be extended. In the worst-case scenario, you can replace a defective timepiece with a brand new device. You will get no confirmation from the grey market since there is no return policy.

2. First-Rate Purchase

It may appear rare and impossible to get the limited hard-to-get high-end watches. Still, it’s also possible to buy such watches when you have an established relationship with authorized dealers. Reputable retailers keep track of their customers’ interests, keep track of activities in the brands they sell their products, and make special requests from these brands. In a limited edition, the reputable retailer may request from the brand a special difficult-to-get limited edition. It is the surest way of buying the latest grand models from brands such as Patek Philippe, which is picky in selling its great complicated models.

3. Exclusive Products

Exclusive products of most watch brands are not available in most stores. They are only available in some authorized dealers or brand boutiques. In this list of excellent timepieces, you will get limited and non-limited models. For instance, a steel watch may come with a precious metals version available at a range of authorized dealers, while the cheaply priced non-precious steel watches are available in just any dealer’s shop.

4. Swag And Gifts With Purchases

Customers stand to gain so much value from brand swag and gifts when they make certain purchases. These gifts vary and depend on brands. Most authorized dealers and brand boutiques find it difficult to discount, yet they provide exclusive facilities for customers. Whenever you make purchases, ensure you ask the dealers what gifts you can get with the investments or other acquisitions. Depending on the value of your assets, you can get pens, items of clothing, watch winders, branded luggage, manage travel cases, et cetera. You can also get a free watch when the value of your purchases is high.

Participation In Brand Events Around The World

There are many ways brands thank their customers for their excellent patronage. One of these ways of thanking customers is through an invitation to an exclusive club of brand owners, and while it’s clear that they were not part of the club, these customers at the event feel they are part of the exclusive group. The customer can get complete wearable designs for the club members, such as hats, shirts, et cetera. So if you want to attend an event as a brand guest, getting the essential information from your dealer and hence from the key person of your favorite brand will provide you with the opportunity to experience firsthand high-end brand events. It also means that you will have to invest in high-end luxury products that attract commendations and invitations.

There are so many other benefits of patronizing an authorized dealer besides the afore-listed ones. You can qualify to visit watch brand manufacturers in Switzerland or any other major city. You can also be eligible to attend brand local events through unique invitations. If you wish to enjoy these and many more gifts, increase the patronage of your best brand timepiece.

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