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The watchmaking industry is a very saturated space today. Of course, this is by no means a bad thing as it assures us that there will be no end to the steady stream of awe-inspiring timepieces that we get to see and buy. However, it does mean that many great watchmakers get overshadowed and do not have their due position in the spotlight. While many watch brands indeed have this problem, some have laid a legacy that ensures that they will be forever exempt from this category. A class of such luxury watch brands is The Holy Trinity. Moving forward, we’ll be shedding more light on who The Holy Trinity (or Big Three) are, why they make this list and why specific other names are conspicuously absent from this prestigious lineup.

Who Are The Holy Trinity?

The title is an honorary term first coined in the 1970s to refer to watchmakers who have carved out a unique niche for themselves and achieved truly commendable feats in the world of horology. These companies are on the list because they are consistent, have an enviable and rich history, craftsmanship, and a natural eye to select and use the finest materials for their watches. In no particular order, here are the undisputed Big Three of the luxury watchmaking industry today.

Audemars Piguet – Founded in 1875

Brought into existence by the successful collaboration of Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, theirs is craftsmanship and creativity that even the ravages of time have been unable to conquer.

Over the years, rather than slow down, they’ve picked up the pace as if to tell the world that they have no interest in being second to anyone. Every collection they have introduced has offered unique features that prove hard to top.

Patek Philippe – Founded In 1839

Although this watch brand underwent many changes with its name in its early days, one thing that never changed was the novelty and innovation introduced to Swiss watchmaking. They have no sure rivals where complications are concerned, and they don’t appear ready to sit on their massive load of laurels just yet. From the Calatrava to the Nautilus, they keep the fires of ingenuity in their craftsmanship forever bright.

Vacheron Constantin – Founded In 1755

Rightfully considered the oldest watchmakers in the business today, they aren’t as well-known as the other two names on this list. However, what they lack in popularity, they amply make up for with sublime craftsmanship and inspiration. Each timepiece they manufacture is a perfect blend of their heritage, ceaseless passion and is always at the heart of horology.

The Controversy

While the skill and quality that The Holy Trinity is known for have not in any way dipped, many people are wondering why specific names don’t feature here. Briefly, we’ll be touching on the major bones of contention and offering possible reasons for their absence.

  • Lange & Sohne – The Holy Trinity had been in existence at least a decade before this watchmaker made its comeback to the industry, hence the exclusion.
  • Breguet – When forming The Holy Trinity, Breguet wasn’t at its best because the brand was undergoing a series of crises then.
  • Blancpain – This watchmaker succumbed to the turmoil that rocked the industry in the ‘70s and had closed at the time.
  • Jaeger LeCoultre – Didn’t have the opportunity to claim this glory because they weren’t yet making timepieces for themselves at the time.

And there you have it! What do you think about The Holy Trinity watch brand? Let’s know down below!

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