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Interesting Facts About Swiss Watches

Interesting Facts About Swiss Watches Blog

We cannot help but be completely enamoured by the excellent watches that the manufacturers from Switzerland seem to spin out with an increasing level of frequency. While they may lose the battle in terms of precision to their Japanese counterparts, no one would argue their place as the most genuine leaders of the industry where style, design, innovation, and ingenuity are concerned. If elegance and class matter to you, you aren’t likely to find watchmakers in any other part of the world who can serve your needs as eloquently as the Swiss. Switzerland has a long and rich history of watchmaking. Here, we’ll be looking at some amazing facts from the Swiss watchmaking industry.

1. The Swiss Watchmaking Industry Has Remarkable Powers Of Recovery

Everyone readily acknowledges the place of Swiss watches as the leaders in the watchmaking industry. However, not so long ago, that empire was on the verge of decline. In the ’70s, a series of unprecedented events occurred that threatened to destroy the industry. A few big names in the Swiss watchmaking world did go under during that time. But, they stuck to their guns and didn’t compromise in their production and delivery of high-quality timepieces. So, things started to look good, so much so that they’ve regained their dominance in the watchmaking industry.

2. They Are Responsible For The Production of More Than Half Of The Luxury Watches Manufactured In The World Each Year

On average, they made over a billion luxury watches each year. It is coming fast on the heels of the luxury goods market’s growth since 2011. Of this massive number of timepieces manufactured each year, a significant portion of them is certified to be Swiss-made. It leads us to the following fact.

3. They Possess The Best Allure In The Watchmaking Industry

Most watchmakers have to make their timepieces instant hits in the world market to ensure that it carries a “Swiss-made” certification simply. People will rush it to the neglect of watches that do not have this seal. Switzerland, for now, remains the only country that has this kind of sway over the public in watchmaking. In fairness, this certification isn’t just exciting, as you know for a fact that any watch that manages to get it must’ve passed through rigorous screening and testing.

4. Swiss Watches Are Subject To The Highest Forgeries

Since they have come to be known for high quality and reliability, some nefarious people leverage this recognition for their gains. Recent reports indicate that they sold at least 4 million substandard timepieces to the public as Swiss watches annually. Of course, the federation of the Swiss Watch Industry wasn’t sitting idle and took various steps to put an end to that problem.

5. They Have One Of The Largest Assemblies Of Craftsmen And Women

Expectations are with many high-level watchmaking companies situated across numerous Swiss valleys that they would have many skilled hands to match. Today, Switzerland has nearly 100,000 expert craftsmen and women at its disposal.

6. It’s The Home Of The Atomic Clock

Atomic clocks are said not just to be the most accurate clocks in the world. Still, they also remain one of the few timepieces capable of retaining that level of accuracy for an indefinite period. Contrary to what the name would suggest, though, these Swiss watches are not radioactive!

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