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Countries That Make The Best Watches After Switzerland

Countries That Make The Best Watches After Switzerland Blog

Wristwatches offer a clear glimpse into your fashion preferences, class, and taste. When talking about the best watchmakers globally, you’re likely to call names like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Omega, Moser, Bell & Ross, and so on. Know what all the above luxury watch brand names have in common? They’re all Swiss watchmakers! No one who has a functioning understanding of the watchmaking industry, such as today, will contend that Swiss watchmakers manufacture leading timepieces any day, any time. However, this raises the question; is that to say that there aren’t any other countries outside Switzerland you can get top-shelf luxury watches from? Well, you’ll be pleased to note that there are a few other nations that produce rather delightful watches that can quickly fill any craving you might have! For true watch lovers, a chronograph isn’t something you slap on your wrist. It would help if you felt a measure of connection resonate between you and that timepiece of choice. For that reason, it is never a bad idea to look into which country produces what watch. Beyond Switzerland, here are a few other countries you can expect to create innovative and creative timepieces.

Japan Watchmakers

The country is a relatively new entry into the world of watchmaking. Watchmakers like Seiko and then Grand Seiko have been around since the late 1800s. However, it wasn’t until later that they began to make their presence felt. Even though some might see them as late bloomers, Japanese watchmakers have taken the world by storm in recent times. They have advanced to such a level that countries that used to be ahead of them are now struggling to keep up with the technological advancements they introduce with ease to the watchmaking industry.

Germany Watchmakers

Regarded as the home of the watch, as many attribute the creation of the first mobile timepiece to Peter Henlein, a clockmaker from the Nuremberg in the country, Germany has kept remarkable pace in the watchmaking world. With some of their best timepiece makers located in Glashutte, you know to expect nothing short of the best from the country here. The likes of A. Lange & Sohne (ALS) dominate this space and prove an able match for their Swiss counterparts in design, innovation, durability, and elegance.

Britain Watchmakers

Very much like Switzerland, there is an ample number of household names to be found here. From the likes of Graham to Bovet, the watchmaking craft is very much alive in England. They have a rich history of horology and have done their best to preserve it and build on it. From all indications, they have succeeded as the world still looks to their watchmakers for timepieces that redefine the very basis of the industry.

France Watchmakers

Standing as the last but by no means most diminutive name on this list is the French. While the international stage did not feel them, there is no doubt that their timepieces genuinely deserve a place on the centre stage. Watch brands like Breguet have dazzled the world repeatedly with stunning timepieces that defy adequate description. What’s more, they remain ever-poised for the future, never relenting in pushing the boundaries of all that is possible in the watchmaking industry. They are indeed one for the future.

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