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Once upon a time, watches were seen as nothing more than a utility device, a tool to tell the time for specific actions and the likes. However, that age is long past. Today, watches have become one of the few items you can use to form the ideal impression of your style and tastes. As such, it is normal for us to glance back from time to time to places that many of these most tasteful and functional devices come from. Depending on the manufacturer’s specifics in question, a timepiece can come from virtually anywhere in the world. Yet, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration or overstatement to say that some of the finest watches come from Switzerland to date. Over the years, Switzerland has come to be the home of luxury watches. The facts and figures certainly seem to support this statement as a healthy portion of the most distinguished watchmakers in the world are either based here or can trace their history and heritage to this iconic location. Listed below are only a few of them. In no particular order, here are some of the most popular Switzerland-based watchmakers in operation today!

Chopard Watch Makers

Today, you can’t talk about top-shelf Haute Horlogerie timepieces without humbly tipping your hat to the maestro watch manufacturer, Chopard. Since its establishment in 1860, it has set itself aside as an innovator and pacesetter in the Swiss luxury watch industry. The demands of watch wearers have grown and evolved over the years, yet these timepiece makers have easily matched the stride that this change evokes and successfully strived to deliver nothing short of the best at each turn. Even now, the technical skills they bring to the table are second to none, and they excel at producing elegant and sophisticated watches with stunning efficiency.

Patek Philippe Watch Makers

Ranked among the very best, even by the very high standards of the Swiss watchmaking industry, this watch brand has become known for being at the forefront of creative and sophisticated watch designs. Founded in 1839, they have maintained a progressive pace that only a precious few of their counterparts can boast. As a symbol of prestige and elegance, Patek Philippe timepieces are second to none and offer an exquisite range of products that effectively services the needs of men and women.

Moser Watch Makers

Founded by Heinrich Moser in 1828, these Swiss watchmakers have strived for and maintained a culture based on pushing the boundaries of creative design and technical specifications for each of their timepieces. They pride themselves on manufacturing watches with simple-looking exteriors; however, the specs of each of their products pack a real wallop!

Omega Watch Makers

You can’t talk about watchmakers who have left a clear mark on history without mentioning the Omega watch brand. From manufacturing timepieces used in space travel to watches favoured by celebrities and athletes like George Clooney, Daniel Craig, and Rafael Nadal, you can tell that the products they offer are with the very best in the world. Each watch from this Swiss watchmaker is consistent, reliable, stylish, and, most of all, accurate.

Other top Swiss watchmakers include Chanel, Bell and Rose, Roger Dubuis, and Wixon Jewellers, to mention a few. They remain one of the most influential forces in the world to contend with where watchmaking is concerned.

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