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Is There Any Resale Value For Seiko Watches?

Is There Any Resale Value For Seiko Watches Blog

Today, when people look for durable, quality and affordable watches, one name that quickly springs to mind is Seiko. The broad and flexible price range that the brand offers lets you almost always get something reasonable from their catalogue. What’s more, they have an abundant array of timepieces for you to choose from. It means in earnest that there are numerous designs and specifications available to you, and you can let your preference lead the way and sated with any desire. However, due to these factors, many people have begun calling the resale value of Seiko watches into question. After all, it only stands to reason that if you’re getting such a great bargain on so many fronts, there has to be a catch somewhere, right?

In reality, there are a few Seiko timepieces that have appalling resale values. But, every watchmaker, even down to the likes of Rolex and Patek Philippe, have a few products that end up not ageing too well. Whether or not Seiko timepieces offer an excellent return on investment, the short answer is yes, they do. Listed below are a few watches from this watchmaker with significantly higher resale value than their original retail price.

The Seiko H558 Series

Any watch in this collection is sure to bring you a sizable return if you opt to invest in it at the moment. Originally made famous by veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the iconic movie Predator, the resale value of the products in this lineup has only continued to rise. The watches themselves are genuine pieces of beauty and ingenuity. Worn on Mt. Everest explorations in the late ‘80s, these timepieces would also be the first dive watches in history to feature a digital alarm chronograph function.

The Seiko G757-5020 Sports 100

Next on our list is yet another Seiko timepiece made famous by a great movie. After all, how do you expect a watch worn by the suave master spy, James Bond, not to be a roaring success? Apart from significantly boosting the image of the watch brand as a whole, it elevated this timepiece to legendary status, effectively guaranteeing that purchasing such a product would be judicious use of your funds. Again, the specs that the timepiece itself features are not to be scoffed at as it has 100 m water resistance, an array of clocks, and a magnificent design, among many other things.

The Seiko Spring Drive SBGA011

Perhaps one of the most famous timepieces ever released by this watchmaker, the Snowflake – as this watch is more commonly called because of its pristine white exterior – is a true crowd-pleaser. Not featured in any famous movie, exploration, or event, this watch gained fame by itself and is still fondly remembered after all this time is a testament to the lasting impression that it made on the watch industry. The Grand Spring Drive and the host of other specs that it boasts ensure that the value of this timepiece will rise long into the future. Many other Seiko timepieces like these prove that the brand can make products that retain value perfectly.


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