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How Do Seiko Watches Compare To Other Brands?

How Do Seiko Watches Compare To Other Brands Blog

There are dozens of watch brands out there, with more springing up almost every other day. As a result, some people have become quite tricky to truly appreciate the quality timepieces that certain brands put out with impeccable consistency. As far as the world is concerned today, people who aren’t familiar with timepieces have come to know and trust names like Rolex and Patek Philippe. Yet, most contrary to popular belief, these aren’t the only watchmakers who have what it takes to manufacture suitable timepieces. While timepieces like Seiko don’t command the immediate respect and acknowledgement that a few other brands do, that isn’t to say that their products are in any way inferior. But do the facts support such a bold claim? Over their decades of existence, Seiko has managed to produce hundreds of timepieces. Here, we’ll be taking an explorative foray into how these watches perform and compare to their counterparts in the watch industry today. Three parameters will guide this analysis; beauty and design, watch specifications, and finally, price spectrum.

Beauty And Design

Any watchmaker who can’t successfully combine functionality, creativity, and innovation into their products all too quickly go into extinction. It is a clear testament to their watchmaking prowess that they still have this level of recognition after being around since 1892! Seiko Prospex 1986 Quartz Diver, Seiko SRP 51, and Seiko x Nano Universe SZSJ005 Chronograph (to mention only a few) shows you, in terms of pure beauty and elegance, that Seiko watches can go toe-to-toe with even the best of the bunch. The exciting thing here is that the vast arrays of watches they offer mean that you get to determine just how loud or subdued you want the appearance of your timekeeper to be.

Watch Specifications

True watch lovers can often judge just how good a watchmaker is by the specifications of their products. Again, Seiko thrives here on various levels. Let’s start with the fact that they remain one of the few watchmakers today who handles the building of their timepieces entirely in-house! It effectively ensures that every watch they manufacture meets their high standards and requirements to the letter. In terms of the level of specifications that their watches carry, you aren’t likely to find many watchmakers that blend grand complications as seamlessly and efficiently as Seiko does! From the Seiko GS to the Seiko 9F GMT, you’re sure to stand in awe of the innovation and functionality that Seiko is capable of making.

Price Range

It is where Seiko collections genuinely shine! They always have something for everyone. You rarely find a manufacturer that can play on level footing in the low, mid, and high price range watch markets. In essence, the price range that Seiko offers ensures that you can almost easily afford something decent from their catalogue. What’s more, this affordability does not come at the cost of quality or durability! Each timepiece you get from these manufacturers, no matter the price, is made with care to serve you long and well.

The Verdict

Seiko watches do not have the recognition that they deserve. They rival (and in some cases exceed) their more famous counterparts on a lot of fronts. However, as is the case with these things, it takes a trial to convince you fully. If you’re ready to check out what Seiko has to offer, follow this link and have your expectations met and exceeded!

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