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Best Business Watches To Wear For Men

Best Business Watches To Wear For Men Blog

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In some earlier, simpler times, success was measured by a gold watch. The ones who made it had a golden timepiece to let everyone know that. That may have changed, but businessmen are still the most commonly associated with people with some masterpieces on their wrists. Although there are many beautiful golden watches still around, it’s impractical material for day-to-day wear. It’s expensive, but like Platinum, its softness won’t allow you to forget that you’re wearing it and dive in a pool, for example. For some special occasions, it’s still the perfect choice. If you’re planning to wear a timepiece more frequently, stainless still and Titanium are shown to be the best materials for casing and mechanics. There are numerous well-designed pieces out there. Ceramics and carbon fibers, although commonly used, are there to improve aesthetics.


8 Business Watch Masterpieces to Look For

Considering the price of one, everything should be done to avoid mistakes. Have in mind exactly what you’re looking for. For what occasions, how well it goes with your wardrobe, things like that. When everything is taken into consideration, these eight pieces won’t fail you.

A Lange & Sohne

When Germany reunified, this manufacturing powerhouse based in Saxony began to catch up with those from Switzerland. Often called Germany’s Patek Philippe, some recent auctions showed that nickname is well deserved.

Model – A redesigned Lange 1 Time Zone

Andersen Geneve

Since Patek Philippe is mentioned, this brand also has a connection with it. A man called Dane Svend Andersen was one of Patek’s leading designers. 40 years ago, he left the company to start his own.

Model – Tempus Terrae


The name of the company suggests its affection to the sky and pilots. That affection is reflected in this model. Marquis de Lafayette was a French officer fighting in the American civil war. The band of American pilots who fought during the First World War on the French side took his name and became the famous Lafayette Escadrille.

Model – Lafayette Flyboy

Baume & Mercier

A few years ago, the timepiece brand Baume was launched. The Richemont Group was responsible for that, driven by concern for the environment. Although the brand’s independence was intended, it very soon found its place under Baume & Mercier’s wing, driving the whole company in that direction.

Model – Updated Hampton


Another german manufacturing powerhouse that made its way to this list. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant design, you’re bound to love it. The dial without numbers on this model represents minimalism at its best.

Model – Meister Handaufzug


If you want the best business watches for the least amount of money possible, you should go for Vincero. The disparity in price with brands mentioned above doesn’t reflect on the quality. Its well-designed and well-crafted timepieces will provide you with class and elegance for every occasion.

Model – Icon Automatic


The company made its worldwide recognition through affiliation in motorsport. Although they backed down from it, fans of the sport still remember them for sponsoring some of the biggest and most famous races. This specific model is a successor of one of the first diving watches.

Model – Bathyscaphe Mokarran


The famous Swiss Manufacturer delivered a minimalistic masterpiece with this model. The display made of sapphire crystal, with rhodium-plated numbers and hands, gives a simple but elegant casing to go with its leather bracelet. Mechanics can be seen through the back display in a subtle manner.

Model – Heritage Chronometrie


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The most famous luxury watch brands were deliberately left out of this list. You can always choose Rolex, Audemars Piguet, or some other powerhouse and not make a mistake. But this list is assembled to represent the sheer volume of quality business watches out there. Ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars in value, this list contains a match for every businessman. So, pick the one that suits you best.

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